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This is Post Apocalyptic Media's collection of Apocalyptic Movies and TV shows. If you think I may have missed one please let me know, send me an e-mail to


Movies and Television Site News
07/31/03 I have added 3 TV movies Genesis II, Planet Earth, and Strange New World. As for movies I've have added Red Dawn to the site.
01/03/03 The movie 28 days Later has been added to the site.
12/17/02 Special Bulletin has been added to the site.
11/23/02 I have added Reign of Fire to the site.
08/22/02 By Dawn's Early Light has been added to the site.
08/17/02 Added Day the World Ended and When Worlds Collide to the web site.
08/06/02 Just added Holocaust 2000 to the site (FIXED!)
07/13/02 Added The Last Man (2002) to the site
07/08/02 Hardware has been added to the site
06/03/02 I have added The Day After to the site
04/06/02 Just added Ever Since The World Ended, and 1984 to the list.
03/16/02 The Sacrifice, and 1990 - The Bronx Warriors have been added.
02/09/02 I received a sh!t load of e-mail from rzr giving me ahole list of movies and posters. I will and them all slowly to the site, here's a few Le Dernier Combat, Thundarr the Barbarian, and Knights. Thank you rzr for all your help.
02/02/02 I received an e-mail from rzr reminding me about America 3000. I've also added The Quite Earth to the list.
01/16/02 I updated The Matrix page.
01/14/02 New additions are 2020 Texas Gladiators, After the Fall of New York, and Endgame to he list.
12/05/01 Added Battle Queen 2020, Bridge of Dragons, Cybercity, Freejack, and Cyborg 3 - Recycler to the movies list.
12/03/01 Just added The Last Warrior and Survivor movies to the list.
12/02/01 Added the TV movie Where Have All the People Gone? starring Peter Graves. I've also added the documentary The War Game
11/30/01 This is the NEW look for the Movie section.

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