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 The Day After

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Jason Robards, John Lithgow

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Nicholas Meyer

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Lawrence, Kansas is the very center of the United States, a small-town community of good people whose daily lives embody the same hopes, dreams and fears of us all. Then comes the day that the unthinkable happens: War is declared, and a full-scale exchange of nuclear missiles rains an atomic hell upon our very way of life. Devastation is global, with America reduced to a ravaged wasteland of sickness, violence and death. But for the survivors, the man-made apocalypse has only just begun. Humanity's true horror starts on The Day After. The Day After is an astonishing glimpse into mankind's greatest nightmare and widely considered to be the most horrific depiction ever of nuclear holocaust. Jason Robards, John Lithgow, JoBeth Williams, Amy Madigan and Steve Guttenberg lead a remarkable cast in the Emmy Award winning television landmark that continues to be one of the most disturbing and important films of our time.
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