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Red Dawn

Category : Action
Starring : Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Charlie Sheen
Director : John Milius
Year : 1984
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Formats : DVD, VHS
Rated : PG-13


In the heartland of America, Russian and Cuban paratroopers begin to drop outside while classes go on in the high school. When the soldiers begin killing everyone in sight, local teens take to the hills to avoid the new totalitarian regime established in their little town and, as we later learn, throughout the world. As country folk, they are well familiarized with survival tactics and hunting, which allows them to carry out sophisticated acts of military sabotage, upsetting the balance of power in town with their guerilla warfare.


Released August 10, 1984

Domestic Box Office: $38,900,000

114 Minutes, from MGM/United Artist

Alternate Title: Ten Soldiers

The eight young cast members underwent a basic training of sorts. Technical Advisor John Early stated, "we wanted to give the kids an idea of how a guerilla solider thinks, primarily to get them to come up with an attitude that would show on camera. We wanted them to get used to the idea of being hunted all the time, and trying to survive."

The fictional town of Calumet was actually the small town of Las Vegas, New Mexico, where principal photography began shooting in November 1983. The local high school, an abandoned Safeway supermarket, and other locales were used.

Patrick to interviewer James Verniere in Moviegoer Magazine: "What I think makes this movie important is the theme of the loss of innocense. You watch these children destroyed by war. you see Jed losing his sense of compassion. that, to me, is what the film is about."