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Adobe Acrobat Here is software that lets you view and print (PDF) files
cwicons.pdf Confused about the icons on the Vehicle Record Sheets? Print out this pdf as a handy guide to what's what!
FCW051.pdf Division 5 Set 1: Killer Kart vs. Shrimp printable counters
FCW052.pdf Division 5 Set 2: Stinger vs. Firecracker printable counters
FCW053.pdf Division 5 Set 3: Dagger vs. Napalm printable counters
FCW101.pdf Division 10 Set 1: Firedemon vs. Hammer printable counters
FCW102.pdf Division 10 Set 2: Joseph Special vs. Scrambler printable counters
FCW103.pdf Division 10 Set 3: Eradicator vs. Blitz printable counters
FCW151.pdf Division 15 Set 1: Hotshot vs. Piranha printable counters
FCW152.pdf Division 15 Set 2: Lightstrike vs. Banshee printable counters
FCW153.pdf Division 15 Set 3: Vindicator vs. Dragon printable counters

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Winzip You need this to unzip ZIP files
CARSHEET.zip MS Word Car Record Sheet Zipped
TRUSHEET.zip MS Word Truck Record Sheet Zipped
CYCSHEET.zip MS Word Document Cycle Record Sheet Zipped
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