Aftermath! Box Set

Aftermath! Box Set by Paul Hume and Bob Charrette

Author : Paul Hume and Bob Charrette
Year : 1981
Publisher : Fantasy Games Unlimited
Category : RPG


Aftermath is a well designed system that only suffers from the dreaded lack of organization that often appears in Fantasy Games Unlimited products. However, once the research and study is done, the game lends itself to many variations on the theme with good mechanics.

Here are the pictures of the 3 books and a scenario from the box set.

Book 1 Basic Rules for Role Playing Simulation Book 2 Survivors of the Aftermath. A player's handbook for a post-holocaust world. Book 3 The world of the Aftermath. A gamesmaster's guide for a post-holocaust world. Survive! An Introductory Scenario.

  The sun hangs low on the horizon illuminating the ruins of civilization with a bloody light. Is it the sunset of the earth or the sunrise of a brave new world? You can decide as you boldly stride the rubble-strewn streets of the AFTERMATH!

THE GAME is for 2 to 6 players and a referee in search of a different kind of adventure. It is a role-playing excursion into a post-holocaust world.

THE PLAYERS create their characters, to face the challenges and dangers of life after things fall apart.

THE REFEREE is provided with everything he needs to detail the world in which the players will adventure.

AFTERMATH! Is not a game for the faint at heart. Ruined cities, dread diseases, despair and broken dreams are a part of the characters' daily lives. Still hope survives, for mankind still survives. Rise up, met the challenge and overcome!

The Aftermath game comes in a boxed set containing 3 rulebooks, an introductory scenario, a cardstock character sheet, a 3 panel cardstock reference sheet, a half sheet of light cardstock counters and a feedback sheet. All of these components are approximately 8.5" by 11" in size except the counter sheet that is approximately 4" by 11". All of the rulebooks are staple bound.

The fist rulebook is entitled Book 1: Basic Rules for Role Playing Simulation and is 58 pages long.

The second rulebook is entitled Book 2: Survivors of the Aftermath; A Player's Handbook for a Post-Holocaust World and is 81 pages long.

The third rulebook is entitled Book 3: The World of the Aftermath; A Gamesmaster's Guide for a Post-Holocaust World and is 84 pages long.

The 6 page scenario is entitled Survive!: An Introductory Scenario. The counter sheet was designed specifically to support this scenario. Survive is not staple bound, it is a 3 panel paper foldout. The counters are printed on light cardstock. The counters are printed on one side only.

The character sheet and 3-panel reference sheet are on cardstock and are printed on both sides.

Please mail in the feedback sheet. Your feedback helps determines what supplements are produced to support the Aftermath! Game World and System.

AFTERMATH! Provides a solid basic play mechanic that has been over 2 years in playtesting. Rules are provided for modern firearms, NBC weapons and protections, mutations, survival, high technology and more. The game is structured to allow the referee to decide the nature of the holocaust that destroyed the world in which play will occur. AFTERMATH! Is a step forward in the art of role-playing games.

In AFTERMATH! The referee creates a world in which civilization as we know it has collapsed. The cause of the collapse could be war, natural disaster, ecological disaster or even invasion by aliens! Into this setting come the characters designed by the players. They will explore the world, try to rebuild from the ruins or simply attempt to survive. In the aftermath of any disaster some will not die. With this game you can write the story of those who overcome the odds.